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Without a doubt about In-depth safety news and research

Without a doubt about In-depth safety news and research

Confessions of an

During the height of their cybercriminal job, the hacker referred to as “Hieupc” was earning $125,000 30 days running a bustling identification theft service that siphoned customer dossiers from a number of the world’s top information brokers. That is, until their greed and aspiration played straight to a more elaborate snare set because of the U.S. Secret Service. Now, after significantly more than seven years in jail Hieupc has returned in their house nation and looking to persuade other would-be cybercrooks to make use of their computer abilities once and for all.

Hieu Minh Ngo, in the teenagers.

For many years starting around 2010, a lone teenager in Vietnam known as Hieu Minh Ngo ran among the Web’s many lucrative and popular services for offering “fullz,” stolen identity documents that included a customer’s title, date of delivery, Social protection quantity and e-mail and address that is physical.

Ngo got their treasure trove of customer data by hacking and engineering that is social method into a sequence of major data agents. By the time the trick Service swept up he’d made over $3 million selling fullz data to identity thieves and organized crime rings operating throughout the United States with him in 2013.

Matt O’Neill could be the Secret Service representative whom in February 2013 effectively executed a scheme to attract Ngo out of Vietnam and into Guam, where in actuality the young hacker had been arrested and provided for the mainland U.S. to handle prosecution. O’Neill now heads the agency’s Investigative that is global Operations, which supports investigations into transnational orderly criminal groups.

O’Neill stated he started the research into Ngo’s identification theft company after reading about this in a 2011 KrebsOnSecurity story, “How Much is Your Identity Worth?” Relating to O’Neill, what is remarkable about Ngo is the fact that for this his name is virtually unknown among the pantheon of infamous convicted cybercriminals, the majority of whom were busted for trafficking in huge quantities of stolen credit cards day.