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13 Items To Know About Vaginal Flavor

13 Items To Know About Vaginal Flavor

Most vulva owners have now been taught that their vaginas are icky, gross, stinky, and weird.

Therefore, if you’re interested in changing the flavor of the vagina, understand this: a vagina that is healthyn’t taste like plants, a new summer time breeze, or vanilla. It tastes like vagina.

And that could be sweet or sour, metallic, razor- sharp or spiced, bitter or acid.

Once the genital pH is disrupted, it may cause contamination like microbial vaginosis (BV), trichomoniasis, or a yeast-based infection, that may cause your vagina to taste like a contaminated vagina.

In other words, it would likely taste like bad seafood, spoiled meat, or matzah, for instance.

Treating and absolving the illness will absolve any tastes that are unusual therefore replace the taste of the bits a lot.