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“whom is the fact that woman over there? ”That’s Joy from Red Velvet!

“whom is the fact that woman over there? ”That’s Joy from Red Velvet!

You’re tipped over your advantage by Jungkook’s quick thrusts co-ordinating with Hoseok pinching both your clitoris along with your nipple simultaneously, the scream as you feel his seed spill into you, clenching around him at the feeling and reaching up to grab hold of the older boy’s hair, silently and weakly asking him to remove his fingers from your mouth, which he does, allowing you to moan loudly as his fingers ghost over your body as you come down from your high, soothing the electric tingles that seem to be running riot all over your skin that you let out being smothered by Hobi’s fingers as they delve into your mouth, the slight taste of your cum on them making you moan as Jungkook continues hammering into you- but the sight of you blissed out, choking on Hoseok’s fingers finishes him off and he collapses on top of you.

You look down wearily at Jungkook, seeing him bent over, his face hidden in your belly while he presses sloppy kisses into your skin layer.

‘Thank you. ’ he whispers, the language therefore peaceful you imagine at you shyly, expression showing how sated and blissed out he was, you know you heard right and you cant help but clench your walls around the emptiness where he used to be, moaning quietly in reaction that you were imagining them, but when he looks up.

‘we think i will be stating that to you…you had been the only who moved most of the method over here in the torrential rain…’ you pant, nevertheless wanting to gain your breathing right back, whenever you’re interrupted by Hoseok’s hand moving to your throat yet again, forcing one to glance at him and find out him staring down at you with dark eyes full of lust and expectation.

‘ Now, its my turn-’ he says, just as your door is flung open once more and Taehyung’s flushed face appears, chest heaving with his pants where he had obviously ran there, eyes darting to you and his lip curling when the position is seen by him you’re in.